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Host Bonnie Low-Kramen believes it's time to fix what's broken. This is straight talk needed for the new workplace featuring special expert guests. The Staff Matters Community tackles burning current issues and challenges facing our diverse global workplace.

Our Story.

When my assistant Jen Wilner and I started the live stream called Heads Together during the pandemic, our goal was to bring the assistant community together to stay connected and up to speed in the new workplace. Through respectful and informed conversations, we created a safe place to share what was on our minds about a landscape that was changing by the day. Industry experts joined us to share their knowledge. After 80+ shows, the world has changed again and so has our name and our format. Join us to talk about Staff Matters!

The Staff Matters Community Has Been Created For YOU.

For all the staff. It's a new peer-supported global community designed to put our heads together to build a new and better workplace.
We are not afraid to talk about the tough stuff.

Our goal with this new vision of the Heads Together Community is to provide a monthly platform where your voices and opinions from all over the world can literally be seen and heard; a place where your views about building a better future in the workplace are needed and where awareness and career growth can happen in a safe and respectful environment.

Our hot topics include the wage gap, workplace bullying, technology, leadership, social media, sexual harassment, racism, gender, racial, and sexual discrimination, and more. If the issue is impacting you, we need to talk about it because Staff Matters. And, if you have ideas for topics and speakers, we want to know!

Introducing the new
Staff Matters Community! You will have ultimate access.

The new format features a lively 90-min. deep-dive conversation where you can be seen and heard via Zoom, as well as 24 X 7 access to the PeerBoard community. We can solve anything if we put our heads together, can't we? Bonnie thinks so because Staff Matters.

  • Access to our live 90-min. monthly discussion show when we tackle the tough topics and burning questions from you and with you, our global workplace community.

  • Access to Bonnie Low-Kramen and subject matter experts sharing their insider knowledge exclusively with our Staff Matters Community.

  • Access to the Staff Matters PeerBoard Community networking space along with exclusive resources and special events that will be offered to the community throughout the year.

  • Access to hot job opportunities! Be the first to know.

  • Access to the replay recording of each discussion for 2 weeks in case you can't be there live.

Exclusive Community Members Group Meetings

2023 Schedule

Tuesday, January 10th, 5PM ET
Thursday, Feb 2nd, 11AM ET
Tuesday, March 14, 5PM ET
Thursday, April 13, 5PM ET
Tuesday, May 16, 11AM ET
Thursday, June 15, 5PM ET
Tuesday, July 11, 11AM ET
No August Meeting
Thursday, September 14, 5PM ET
Tuesday, October 17, 5PM ET
Thursday, November 16, 11AM ET  No December Meeting

About Your Host Bonnie Low-Kramen

Committed to leaving the world a little better than the way she found it.

Bonnie is a TEDx speaker and a bestselling author. As a strong and respected advocate for the staff of our workplace, she also really gets it. Bonnie walked the talk as a personal assistant for 25 years to Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis. She resigned in 2011 in order to teach and speak in 14 countries about the burning issues impacting assistants and leaders in the workplace. As her Facebook headline reads, “Bonnie is deeply committed to changing the workplace to be better for our kids and grandkids. Do that with me.”

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Hosted by Bonnie Low-Kramen, here's your chance to spend time with your community from all over the world. You will have access to the finest minds, influencers, and resources. Be a part of the deep-dive conversations that will change your world.

Your voice.
Your thoughts.
Your expertise.

Let's do this together. Join us to talk about the things that matter.
Staff Matters.