Does this describe you?

You love your work, but are feeling stagnant and stale.

Do you imagine working as a true strategic business partner but don’t know how to get there? Are you stressed out about whether you can still cut it? Are you underutilized and not respected for the talents you have?

You know you have the grit and the perseverance to succeed at a higher level. You yearn for your turn. You are tired of working crazy hours, and frustrated by not being able to keep up. You worry that this cycle isn't sustainable.
Guess's not.

What you do know is...

...the workplace has turned upside down. Again!

The fact is it’s hard to keep up. You need the right skills, plan, connections, resources, and the right mentors. You know that if given the chance to succeed, you will. No more impostor syndrome, self-doubt, or fear. The stakes are high and you know what you need to do. You just don’t have any more time or energy to waste. You need these skills now and you know it.

You are DONE with not getting the training you need.

Winging it doesn’t work anymore.

You fear falling further and further behind or even losing your job. How do you navigate the new normal? You are not interested in quick fixes because you know they don’t last. Are you ready to do whatever it takes? This is your career. This is your life.

You are the CEO of You, Inc.

Introducing the Be the Ultimate Assistant On Demand Course designed to deliver the essential skills to be fully equipped as a true executive business partner - to any one at any level. You’ve got this.

Be the Ultimate Assistant

The On Demand Training Course For the World’s Assistants

Ultimate Assistants are the right arms to their executives and the backbone of their companies. They are executive business partners who have a respected seat at the table. Ultimate Assistants change their workplaces for the better and BTUA training supports you to do exactly that.
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About the Course

Lifetime Access to Be the Ultimate Assistant On Demand

The global workplace has never been more complicated and is only getting more so every day. Assistants are the right arms to their executives, backbones to companies, and the face of the company culture. They are highly resourceful, resilient, creative, empathetic, and super smart. On top of that, they have advanced technology skills and finely tuned EQ, which helps them to read minds, and they are doing those things both in-person and remotely. How do they learn to do that?

Attend the Be the Ultimate Assistant On Demand (BTUA OD), an 11+ hour learning experience that dives deeply into soft skills and the hard skills essential to support leaders at the highest levels. Learn at your own pace with lifetime access to the videos and materials. You decide on the timetable.

The ROI of BTUA On Demand can be measured in improved productivity and hours of precious time saved for both the assistant and the leaders they support. It can also be measured by direct access to money-saving resources and strategies.

The On Demand course is based on the live, two-day workshop that has been taken by hundreds of assistants around the world since 2011.

BTUA On Demand is led by Bonnie Low-Kramen and Vickie Sokol Evans, MCT, who are two of the world's top-rated and most respected trainers and speakers. The BTUA workshop was featured in a Forbes cover story and was also named in the top 7 conferences to attend in 2019.

Bonnie and Vickie each have over 20+ years' experience and are both former assistants. They have trained Bill Gates' team, the staff at Parliament in London, and the planet's most influential and prestigious companies. Bonnie and Vickie ensure that Executive Assistants function as empowered business partners and, as such, are fully equipped to face whatever challenges come their way.

Since 2011, BTUA students have become Chiefs of Staff, assistants to CEOs, team leaders, and in at least one case, Debbie Furlano became Acting CEO of her company for six months. This is what her CEO had to say.

Bonnie and Vickie offer top-notch training for assistants. They are the best in the business. Debbie was on fire when she came back from BTUA. I know that I am 2-3 times more profitable because I have my Executive Assistant Debbie Furlano by my side. No doubt.

Gary Rabine, Founder Rabine Group, Illinois

Be the Ultimate Assistant On Demand is the course you need to take now.

This course trains you to be a highly skilled, empowered assistant, with the rock-solid confidence to take on whatever challenge comes your way.

This Course is for You If...

You are a serious professional. Working as an assistant is your career, your life’s work.

  • You believe that your leaders deserve the most highly skilled executive business partners by their side.

  • You know that leveraging vetted resources and networks is a key to success.

  • You love learning about how to stay relevant with inside information on global trends.

  • You want to learn the latest tips & tricks of technology and productivity to save you and your executive hours per week.

  • The BTUA Live workshop has been on your professional Bucket List but you just couldn't get there in person.

BTUA gives you power.

Brenda Rogers, CAP, OM, ACEA Former VP of Administration | Dallas, Texas

“The power of BTUA is strong. I have attended three sessions over the years. The lessons that I have learned and the confidence I have gained have made me the successful assistant I am today. I highly recommend BTUA to a seasoned Executive Assistant or an Administrative Assistant who is just starting her/his career.”

"Bonnie and Vickie genuinely care about the success of assistants all over the globe. "

Kimberly Martin, EA Chicago

"My two encounters with them in training were by far the most thorough and spot-on assistant training I have found in my 25-year career. I promise you that you will be a better person and a better assistant after having experienced BTUA."

"I've gone from treading water to swimming!"

Laura Carney, Personal Assistant, New York City

"I wanted to thank you for everything. I have no idea how I would have survived without the BTUA conference. It provided me with so many tools to solve the challenges I have encountered. I am applying what I learned and now feel like I've gone from treading water to swimming!"

Be the Ultimate Assistant On Demand

Course Syllabus | Lifetime Access to the Materials

Module 1: About Your Expert Instructors
Bonnie Low-Kramen & Vickie Sokol Evans, MCT

Module 2: Introduction to the Course

Module 3: Report from the World: Global Trends for Assistants

Module 4:  The Power of Networking & Mentoring

Module 5:  Leadership, Power, & Partnership: Leading When You Are Not in Charge

Module 6: Organization!

Module 7:  Advanced Communication Skills

Module 8: Find Your Voice to Speak Up to Handle Difficult People & Situations  

Module 9: Are You Ready? Handling Crisis & Disaster

Module 10: Ethics and Confidentiality

Module 11: Keep it Personal in an Impersonal World

Module 12:  Travel Planning

Module 13: Event Planning

Module 14: Career Management & Salary Negotiations

Module 15: Vickie Sokol Evans Technology, Productivity & Social Networking

Conclusion: It’s a Wrap! A Call to Action

Benefits of Be the Ultimate Assistant On Demand Course

It's all about you and supporting your success. Upon registration, gain immediate and exclusive access to Bonnie, Vickie, & fellow students via a private group.
Plus over $2,200 in BONUSES!

  • Digital Resources

    Lifetime Access to the Course Recordings & Materials, E-packet containing relevant articles, checklists, and forms, along with access to Bestselling E-books by Bonnie Low-Kramen & Vickie Sokol Evans, MCT

  • Exclusive Access to BTUA Online Community & Networking Group

    All Questions Answered from Day 1 by Bonnie and Vickie | Ongoing Peer-to-Peer learning | Live online meetings | Course discussions with instructors and other students

  • BTUA On Demand Alumni Benefits

    Post-workshop support from both Bonnie and Vickie | BTUA On Demand Alumni receive the lowest prices on BTUA Live workshops and on private corporate training from both Bonnie and Vickie

Which Bestselling eBooks Are Included?

Check These Gems Out!

Be the Ultimate Assistant eBook

The best-selling resource for assistants around the world

A best-seller, Be the Ultimate Assistant, A celebrity assistant’s secrets to working with any high-powered employer is a rare, first-hand look at the world of a celebrity assistant and its place in the larger realm of all professional assistants. Enlightening and entertaining, this book pulls the curtain back with solid information and true stories from Bonnie Low-Kramen’s 25 years working with Oscar-winning actress Olympia Dukakis. Every assistant wants to keep a copy within reach.

100 Life-Changing Tips eBook

100 Life-Changing Tips Using Microsoft Office for Windows

This digital download is a guide for the Microsoft Office system designed for busy professionals who want to deliver better results faster! Whether you are an expert or "just getting by", this will be your go-to-resource that includes the most relevant and practical tips using the software you're most familiar with. Plus, it introduces you to the latest features that you won't want to miss.

Soft Skills Training Highlights

with Bonnie Low-Kramen

  • Strategies for functioning as a confident executive business partner to leaders and teams

  • Communication tools for handling the most difficult situations and people

  • Up-to-the-minute methods for organization and time-management

  • Real-life ways to handle workplace bullying and sexual harassment

  • Career paths options and resources for assistants to take your career wherever you want it to go

Hard Skills Training Highlights

with Vickie Sokol Evans, MCT

  • Life-Changing Digital Productivity Tips Across Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, & OneNote) – Applicable to PC, Mac, & Google platforms

  • Social Media Tools & Tips

  • Digital Skills For Virtual Teams Using Office 365

  • Cybersecurity & Keeping Data Safe

  • The Future is Now! Artificial Intelligence & More

Ultimate Assistant Training & Consulting is committed to diversity and inclusion in the global workplace. We believe in supporting anti-discriminatory policies and practices as we work to build ultimate assistants inside workplaces where core values are rooted in excellence, belonging, and respect.

This is the course featured in a Forbes Cover Story

Named in the Top 7 Workshops to Attend in 2019

In a world and workplace turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape just got even more complicated and demanding. Even more is being expected of assistants, including the need to do their work as executive business partners remotely and virtually. Be the Ultimate Assistant On Demand is the training every assistant needs to not miss a beat as they go above and beyond every day.

Bonnie Low-Kramen: "This is the workshop I wished had existed when I worked for Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis as her Personal Assistant for 25 years. I wanted to be as great an assistant as Olympia was an actress. But how? I didn’t see the books or the classes to teach me. That’s why I decided to create them myself."

Click here to read the full Forbes article now.

Olympia Dukakis

Oscar-winning actress & Bonnie's employer for 25 years

“For 25 years, Bonnie gave me time. I had the freedom to do my work. And, she knows how to teach assistants how to do that too. She is also able to teach executives how to utilize their assistants. That is her gift.”

Robert Arciniega

Executive Assistant, Seattle

“BTUA has provided me unparalleled training. I have attended twice and seen Bonnie and Vickie speak separately on a dozen other occasions. Every time I take away something new and relevant to my job and career.”

Melba J. Duncan

Author & Pres. The Duncan Group Search Firm, NYC

"Bonnie's and Vickie’s focus, relentless determination, and tenacity of purpose make their BTUA training remarkable! They are educating the next generation of leaders in a profound way."

Lauren Jiloty

Director of Administration, Gates Foundation, Seattle

“I left BTUA filled to the brim with new knowledge, skills, and professional connections. I recommend this workshop without hesitation.”

Meet Your Instructors

Learn from Two of the Best in the Assistant Training Business

Bonnie Low-Kramen

Expert Instructor

Featured in a Forbes cover story in 2019, Bonnie is a globally respected teacher, speaker, workplace expert and thought leader who is passionate about inspiring assistants to succeed as true executive business partners. For 25 years, Bonnie worked as the personal assistant to Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis and Louis Zorich and she is the author of the bestselling book "Be the Ultimate Assistant." Bonnie has been teaching Be the Ultimate Assistant workshops with Vickie Sokol Evans since 2011 in cities all over the world. She has worked with organizations including Starbucks, Amazon, and British Parliament. Envisioning building an ultimate workplace in the post-pandemic world, she teaches leadership, Executive/Assistant partnerships, and communication as a committed bridge-builder between leaders, assistants, HR, and recruiters. She is working to effect positive change in the post-pandemic workplace on issues including, gender discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment, and closing the wage gap. Based in Florida and a Rutgers University graduate, Bonnie is an in-demand speaker at global conferences in her mission to change the workplace (and the world) for the better.

Vickie Sokol Evans, MCT

Expert Instructor

Literally making the audiences’ jaws drop, Vickie is the author of the bestselling “100 Tips” series for both PC & Mac, and teaches the world’s smartest people how to use their technology better. Vickie is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, specializing in Microsoft productivity platform for both PC & Mac. She travels the globe as a sought-after international speaker delivering live Jerry Maguire-inspired keynote presentations to major brands including Microsoft, Starbucks, MasterCard, The New York Times, eBay, American Airlines, The Gates Foundation, Bill Gates’s Team, and British Parliament. Based in Austin, Texas, Vickie has been teaching Be the Ultimate Assistant workshops all around the world with Bonnie Low-Kramen since 2011, to help assistants work more effectively and execute flawlessly – showcasing an immediate ROI after each workshop.

Be the Ultimate Assistant Investment Options

3 Options to Start Learning!

FAQs About Be the Ultimate Assistant On Demand

Answer not here? No problem. [email protected]

  • Who should take the Be the Ultimate Assistant On Demand Course?

    BTUA OD is for any person who is serious about working as an ultimate assistant in support of their executives. Our ideal student loves to learn, yearns to be the best, and needs to know the ways to stay being the best. The course is for both seasoned and aspiring assistants, executive assistants, administrative assistants, personal assistants, and private service professionals who want their seat at the table as Executive Business Partners and as Executive Life Managers.

  • Should I also attend a BTUA Live workshop?

    We'd love to have you with us at an in-person workshop. It’s totally up to you and how you prefer to learn. Many BTUA students take the workshop numerous times. One example is Julie Kavanaugh who has taken the class eight times in different cities since 2011, and she is taking the On Demand Course too. BTUA OD students and all alumni receive the lowest prices to all BTUA programs.

  • What makes BTUA unique and different from other training?

    Bonnie and Vickie each has over 20+ years’ experience and are both former assistants. They have trained Bill Gates’s team, the staff at British Parliament in London, and the staffs of the planet’s most powerful and prestigious companies. At BTUA OD, Bonnie and Vickie ensure that Executive Assistants are able to function as empowered business partners and as such, are fully equipped to face whatever challenges come their way from demanding executives and the post-pandemic workplace. Since 2011, BTUA students have become Chiefs of Staff, assistants to CEOs, team leaders, authors, founders of their own companies, and at least in one case, Acting CEO of her company for a six month period. Every student has direct access to Bonnie and Vickie to ask questions. “Bonnie’s focus and relentless determination to encourage others to realize their success is what differentiates her practice. It is imperative to emphasize that she demonstrates and educates others in the skills of forging relationships, inclusion, and realizing their potential. With her tenacity of purpose, Bonnie is educating the next generation of leaders. With Bonnie Low-Kramen in the room, we will be the greater for it.” Melba J. Duncan

  • Does BTUA On Demand offer group/team discounts?

    Yes, we love groups! Email [email protected] for more information.

  • I will need to make the business case to my executive. Do you have one?

    Yes! We are happy to provide a business case letter. Please send your request to [email protected]

  • Does BTUA On Demand qualify for continuing education credits?

    Yes! You will receive a Certificate of Achievement for BTUA On Demand. This Certificate may be required to submit for credit hours to the appropriate organization.

  • How will I have access to the Handouts content in the course?

    The printable Handouts will be in PDF format accompanying each module.

  • What is the Refund Policy?

    No refunds are available for the Be the Ultimate Assistant On Demand Course. Please contact us with any technical difficulty or any questions at all. Also, if you would like to speak with any prior students, we are happy to put you in touch with them. [email protected]

  • Will this course help me to find a job?

    While Bonnie and Vickie cannot guarantee that you will find a new job after taking BTUA On Demand, the material learned in BTUA On Demand will significantly strengthen a student’s soft and hard skills and build confidence, which are all essential for a job search. The Career Management module and supplemental materials are also of tremendous support for job searches.

The Time Is Right Now.

Are you ready to be the Ultimate? We are ready for you. Please take your seat, and let’s get to work.