What's Inside This Free Resource

Learn tools that will help you work towards building a workplace culture of respect.

Bullying is traumatizing the very people we are paying to build our businesses. Bullying is a poison that is slowing staff down and even stopping them dead in their tracks. Bullying can be paralyzing. And even if bullying does not literally kill them, it kills the spirit. If you look closely, most targets of bullying don’t even have to say a word. You can see it in the body and in the eyes. And I see it everywhere I go. I’m up to 11 countries.

I spend my life in rooms of assistants and executives.

As much talking as I do, I listen twice as much.

What I know is that workplace bullying is a big, ugly problem for the people who work in the companies that make our world run. I know that the workplace – and the world – will transform for the better when we find solutions for bullying. Education and resources are needed which is the reason for this page.

Changing the world will take all of us.
Change it with me.

Let’s do this not only for ourselves but for our daughters, our sons, and the staff coming in behind us.